Episode 01: The Shores of the Cosmic Ocean

The Cosmos TV series was written and filmed in the late 01970s (when Kevin was 13 or 14 years old), then initially broadcast via mainstream TV in 01980. Cosmos writer and host Professor Carl Sagan died from pneumonia on 01996 December 20 at age 62 (when Kevin was 30 years old). The TV series was released in DVD format in 02000.

Episode 01 above begins with an introductory statement by fellow Cosmos writer (and host Carl Sagan’s wife) Ann Druyan, which was apparently filmed in 02000, just before the TV series was released on DVD that year.

Although many libraries have been closed due to social distancing rules associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, many libraries do have this DVD collection available for library patrons to borrow. If a library does not have this DVD collection in its own internal collection of materials, then most such libraries will still be able to obtain it from another library on behalf of patrons through the interlibrary loan process.

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