Chuck Severance: “everyone [みんな] should learn programming”.

I agree. In my opinion, reading and writing computer code has become the new minimum educational standard. If you don’t know how to do computer programming, then in my view, this has now become tantamount to not knowing the alphabet of your first human language. Or perhaps it’s like being a very inexperienced young child and walking into a room full of adults who are all talking about stuff you don’t have the slightest understanding of.

Learning programming is not only fun (especially as taught by Dr. Chuck in the courses above), creative, and lucrative, but (perhaps most importantly), it teaches you how to think coherently. If you learn to program, you’ll become a better communicator with other humans too, because you’ll learn how to express your thoughts unambiguously, and you’ll encounter fewer misunderstandings with friends and family.

If you’re dedicated, all five courses in this specialization can be completed within the 7 day free trial. Just do it. But don’t stop there. Like learning any new human language, you will very quickly lose the skill if you don’t write at least some code every day. This specialization is full of recommendations on what to do next to continue to hone your coding skills learned in this course.

This specialization will give you the “ABCs” of programming, but it’s up to you to continue learning and practicing afterwards.

Python is a very important and ubiquitous programming language with a free software license originally authored by Guido van Rossum who made the initial release of python in 01990 when he was 34 years old.

Django is a web framework for writing web apps which is based on python. Some well-known web apps are those found at the following sites: PBS, Instagram, Mozilla, The Washington Times, Disqus, Bitbucket, and Nextdoor. Django is perhaps the most widely-used web framework for this purpose although there are other widely used web frameworks too. Django was created in the fall of 02003 by Adrian Holovaty (who was then age 21 years) and Simon Willison (who was then age 22). is an introductory book (first three chapters are free on the web and provide a great introduction) authored by William Vincent that anyone can use to learn django and thus acquire all the skills necessary to begin building web apps yourself.

Web apps represent one of the fastest growing sectors of the global and US economy, and web app designers are extremely highly sought after by myriad companies throughout the world. In the US, salaries for web app designers start at around $50,000 per annum (which is about twice the salary of someone who gets paid the legal minimum wage) and go much higher, perhaps $100,000 to $150,000. This book also introduces the reader to git, github, and heroku (ひろく) three ubiquitous tools associated with programming and web apps et. al.