Before watching parts 1 & 2 of this series, I was only dimly aware of this ideology as a component of modern USA. After watching them, I now sincerely think these people can be objectively diagnosed with several mental and behavioral pathologies.

I also think that the thought process they embrace is deeply disturbing and also increasingly common, especially among those who are less well-educated, but even among many extremely highly-educated people. Towards the end of this epidose a PhD candidate is shown to be among this group.

All rational historians agree based upon myriad evidence that the ancient Western Roman Empire was full of corrupt, wealthy, elitist people led by a man who openly styled himself as dominus et deus, “lord and god”. They also agree that the Goths played a major role in the Fall of the Western Roman Empire, starting by some estimates in the year 376 CE.

If the growing divide in the society of today’s USA can be likened to that of ancient Rome, then I think the people being documented in this episode can be likened to the Goths who played a major role in The Fall.

I hope law enforcement and the intelligence community treat these people as the single greatest threat in existence (arguably greater even than China) to the stability of the modern USA.

And I think it is important that everyone in the world and especially in the USA today is aware of this very real threat and that we all try to work together—as a community embracing a gentle spirit of kindness towards our fellow humans who oppose hatred—to make law enforcement aware of people who are known to be participants in this ideology of hatred.