Children’s Rights Inc.

Brought Federal Suit Against RI

For all those who are concerned with children’s rights, some important links follow.

Rhode Island Office of the Child Advocate (phone: 401-462-4300) (I know of no public email address, but I spoke with a receptionist on the phone who gave me the email address of The Child Advocate, Jennifer Griffith, Esq. and if you contact me and ask me for it then I’ll share that email address with you) : OCA is tasked by Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo and by RI statute with oversight of DCYF, responsible for handling reports of institutional abuse by DCYF employees

OCA : FAQ, including Children’s Bill of Rights

Providence Journal 02019 July 10 : DCYF Director Trista Piccola to depart after tumultuous 2½-year tenure

Providence Journal 02018 May 12 : Settlement OK’d in decade-long lawsuit against DCYF

Providence Journal 02017 May 27 : Executive Editor Alan Rosenberg (email: [email protected]) (phone: 401-277-7409) (Twitter: @AlanRosenbergPJ)

Children’s Rights Inc. Summary and Case Travel for Class Action: RI Boy Andrew C. v. Governor Gina Raimondo

Children’s Rights Inc. 02007 June 28 :  Children’s Rights and Rhode Island Child Advocate Sue to Protect Rhode Island Foster Children

Children’s Rights Inc. 02009 August 10 : Advocates Appeal Rhode Island Decision Barring Children from Seeking Child Welfare Reform in Federal Court

Children’s Rights Inc. 02009 August 14 : Broad National Coalition of Child Welfare Advocates & Experts Lines Up in Support of Rhode Island Reform Class Action

Children’s Rights Inc. 02009 August 19 : American Civil Liberties Union Urges Federal Court to Reinstate Rhode Island Foster Care Reform Class Action

Children’s Rights Inc. 02010 June 18 : Huge Victory for Rhode Island Foster Kids as Federal Appeals Court Reinstates Class Action Seeking Sweeping Reforms

Children’s Rights Inc. 02011 July 21 : Federal Judge Allows Rhode Island Class Action to Proceed on Behalf of Abused and Neglected Kids

Children’s Rights Inc. 02015 April 22 : 1st Circuit Finds Federal Court ‘Tilted the Playing Field’

Children’s Rights Inc. 02015 August 25 : Children’s Rights, Local Counsel Seek Remedy for Worst Failings of Rhode Island’s Child Welfare System

Children’s Rights Inc: 02018 January 08 : Rhode Island, Plaintiffs Settle Long-Standing Foster Care Case

Children’s Rights Inc: 02018 May 09 : Victory for Rhode Island’s Children: Fairness Hearing Brings Resolution to Long-Standing Foster Care Case

Searchable Court-Approved Settlement Agreement Document (22.2 MB PDF) OR see compressed version (4.5 MB PDF) (Many thanks to Children’s Rights Inc. for posting a non-indexed, non-searchable version of this document, but the first two files linked in this paragraph were created by Kevin Ford The Submariner and are the only known instances of a searchable version of this important Settlement Agreement.)

RI OCA Searchable Reports

Communities for People (CFP) homes: 02020 January 17. Documents physical, sexual, and emotional abuse between residents with CFP staff directing residents to do it outside view of security cameras.

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